CFP Memory on the Move: Theory and Methodology of Memory and Migration. Budapest 29-30 September 2014


Memory on the Move: Theory and Methodology of Memory and Migration

Workshop, Budapest 29-30 September 2014 

The dominant framework and metaphor for memory studies has been place and nation. However, in a society characterized by mobility and migration, by transnational trajectories across borders, place and nation as point of departures for memory studies have become untenable. Moreover, they have failed to respond to an analysis of the agency of diasporic and transnational communities.

 Thus, the aim of this workshop is to address the theory and methodology of studying transnational memory in which memory is considered as a perpetual dynamic of construction and reconstruction, of past and present, of inclusion and exclusion.

 The length of the presented papers should be approx. 20 min. A selection of the papers presented will be invited for publication in the ISTME working papers series (on-line). We encourage contributions on theoretical, empirical and methodological issues. Studies involving longitudinal and/or comparative analyses and contributions focusing on the European context are particularly welcome. Possible topics are:

  • Memory and diaspora: migrant’s particularism and/or cosmopolitanism.
  • Memory and new belonging: migrant’s renegotiation of their past.
  •  Memory and mediation: migrant’s communication with home(land) as a dynamic between parting and imparting.
  •  Memory and conflict: migrant’s memories of conflict and tensions in new homeland.
  •  Memory and privatization: migrant’s private memories as the guardian of difference.
  •  Memory and space: migrant’s spatial practices and experiences.
  •  Memory and strategies of resistance: migrant’s use of everyday practices of action and resistance.

The deadline for submission of abstracts (150-200 words) is 15 May 2014. Notice of acceptance will be communicated by 15 June 2014.

Please, send proposals to both:

Barbara Misztal / John Sundholm


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